Melánge Decor implements designs of public and private interiors using own manufacturing facilities and a large network of exclusive partners.

The term Melange is a French term for a mix. Like a very modern interior, which is a mix of things, tastes, aromas, flavors, feelings, family members or employees styles, a mix of senses, attitudes, past, future and present.

Our goal in every project is to find the right combination, to create harmony – a certain feeling of comfort a person has while being in a room. A mixture of lines, textures, colors and lights.

Imagine how You arrive back at the hotel after exhausting negotiations, sit down into a chair and suddenly notice a ray of sunshine entering though the gap between huge portieres on a pillow made of a cloth, which looks exactly like the one Your grandmother used to have. Evoking memories of the smell of autumn apples, warm light of silk lampshade on grandma´s veranda, the wonderful smell of cinnamon buns and sweet taste of hot chocolate in Your favorite cup, cosy warmth of cashmere plaid immediately conjured up in Your mind and all worries and tiredness simply disappear.

Creating that unique and special atmosphere, which provides a hotel an additional star, turns a room into a home, gives spirit and commitment to the employees in the office for the successful realization of Your projects is our task and our aim.