Public interiors

Our partners and customers are developers, hotel and restaurant operators, owners of office buildings and architects. Our approach to realizing Your projects is based on following competitive advantages:

  • 25 years of expertise in interior design industry
  • Integrated team of specialists – designers and manufacturers
  • Understanding of the Russian market
  • Responsible tailored approach and warranty service
  • Strict compliance with deadlines (obvious for us, but important to underline)
  • Selection of components respecting Your budget
  • Solutions for complicated technical issues
  • Quality control during all stages of the project – from technical specification to the commissioning of the object

We offer solutions

  1. All-in realization of designs using own manufacturing facilities (production of textiles and joinery).
  2. Redecoration of existing interiors up to the Hi-End decoration level (Replacement of textiles, adding of decor accessoires such as pillows, paintings, vases, panels, artificial and natural plants etc.
  3. Renovation and maintanance of existing interiors.

We have resources

  • Experience and know-how in large projects
  • Own garment manufacture for production of curtains, pillows, blankets and bedspreads, textile panels etc.
  • Own manufacture of upholstered furniture and wooden interior elements (doors, floor skirting, in-built furniture, wardrobes, wall panels, freestanding furniture, reception desks, bars & restaurants).
  • Our capacity allows us to execute large orders on schedule; if necessary, we can involve manufactures of our partners, particularly in Asia.
  • Direct supply of flooring, textile, furniture and decorative elements from Europe and Asia (in particular flame-retardant)
  • Network of partners: certification, logistics and customs.